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Estate Planning & Administration

Estate Planning and Administration


McCormick & O’Brien LLP offers a full service Estate Planning practice. We represent clients throughout the United States who recognize the value of an integrated wealth preservation strategy involving comprehensive estate planning.Our focus is on providing high-quality guidance and efficient representation to help ensure that our clients' success carries on into the next generation.

A probate and estate planning attorney at McCormick & O’Brien LLP can help you design an estate plan to secure and transfer wealth within your family. Our extensive experience in complex business, real estate and tax issues makes McCormick & O’Brien LLP the choice for insightful and thorough estate planning advice.

We provide a variety of services to individuals in connection with estate planning, and estate and gift taxes, including:

  • Thorough formulation of wills, advance medical directives, health care proxies (living wills), trusts, powers of attorney guardianships, conservatorships and a full range of complementary estate planning vehicles
  • Creative use of trusts, partnerships and other vehicles to produce tax savings
  • International estate planning with sensitivity to foreign individuals residing in the United States and those with investments in multiple jurisdictions
  • Integrated tax counseling in formulating wills and trust agreements to provide the most efficient transfer of assets
  • Comprehensive tax filing services for executors and administrators of the estate
  • Probate proceedings, including the resolution of will contests, fiduciary litigation and other estate disputes
  • Intelligent estate reduction strategies including charitable contributions and the formation and endowment of not-for profit corporations