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Employment. The Firm defends clients in a full range of employment-related claims including sexual harassment, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge and retaliation. We provide strategic counsel and representation to insurance carriers and their insureds as well as private companies in matters before state and federal courts as well as the United States Department of Labor, and state and local agencies and authorities.

We also offer training courses on subjects related to discrimination and harassment prevention intended to promote lawful employment practices and foster compliance with legal requirements in particular jurisdictions such as New York.

Wage & Hour. Wage and hour litigation has become increasingly complex and claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), and its state law counterparts, have made this one of the fastest areas of litigation. While there are simple, black-and-white answers to some wage and hour questions, there are also a great many gray areas surrounding such issues as whether an exemption from overtime applies to certain employees.

Our litigators can aggressively defend any wage and hour lawsuits, whether it involves exemptions, working time, wage calculations or other wage and hour issues. In addition to the standard issues in such a case, other issues that arise in these matters include whether a court should certify a class, who should be part of the class, and how discovery should be conducted. Each of these issues can impact the employer’s potential liability in significant ways. Our attorneys also have the knowledge and skills to provide our clients with a candid assessment of the case and to negotiate a favorable settlement, when appropriate.